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Preparation and e-learning exercises

​​You can plan your programme according to your availability and the recommendations proposed by your teacher. Your lessons will focus mainly on conversation so you will be able to practice the language you need. You will use new words with ease and build sentences like a native.

Grammatical structures and written exercises are given where needed. Additional practice can be done from home using our e-learning software. You will be able to work on your weaknesses and evaluate your progress by completing different tests. During your lessons, your teacher will recommend all the exercises to be completed so you can continue your learning effectively.



​​In addition to your courses, you can take part in conversation classes in mini groups (3 to 5 people). These sessions allow you to use new words, sentences and expressions you have learned. This will enable you to evaluate your progress and feel more confident to speak, understand and respond.

The Hobson Hub

Each year we welcome a wide range of local and international people as part of the FLE (French as a Foreign Language) program. The Hobson Centre has grown into a community of students from all over the world.

The Hobson Centre takes this diversity and puts it in your hands or rather at the centre of human social experiences. We facilitate an exchange of conversational language learning so you can share your knowledge during a coffee break, lunch or over a drink on Saturday with all the people who wish to meet, discuss, chat and even share a meal with us !