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TCF - French Knowledge Test

The TCF is the language level test of the French Ministries of National Education, Higher Education and Research. It assesses the general French language skills of people whose mother tongue is not French. As such, it is recognised by the Directorate of Higher Education, university authorities and language training centres as well as the professional world.

TCF - Knowledge Test

TCF - From 180 €

You wish to assess your French language skills for personal, academic or professional reasons.

TCF - Knowledge Test


You are a student and you wish to apply as a first year undergraduate (licence 1) to a French university or French school of architecture.

TCF - Knowledge Test

TCF - French Nationality 180 €

You must validate your level of French language if you are applying for French nationality.

TCF - Knowledge Test

TCF - French Residency 180 €

You must provide proof of your level of French in order to obtain a long-term resident card or a "long-term resident - EU" card.

TCF - Knowledge Test

TCF - Canada 240 €

You would like to take up permanent residence in Canada (outside of the province of Quebec), and you need to have your level of French evaluated as part of the procedure for economic immigration or to obtain Canadian citizenship.

TCF - Knowledge Test

TCF - Quebec 240 €

You wish to settle long-term in Quebec and you must have your level of French assessed for your immigration application.