Continually adapt your course.
To connect to your life & work.
Support with materials and on line exercises.
Identify your needs, objectives and learning style.
Customise your language programme.
Speak, do and use the English language

The learning process of each human being is unique. Our vision is to offer an engaging, active and adaptable learning programme that analyses the learning needs and style of each student and offers a solution focused on speaking and supported by traditional and digital support material. The Hobson Centre have therefore created a tailor-made learning support system that can be adapted to your ability, learning style and personal needs.

For more than 30 years, our team has been supporting people in their professional and personal lives to help them achieve specific language objectives. Our expertise combined with the teaching and linguistic skills of our teachers enable us to help you evolve and develop at your own pace. Language learning ‘customisation’ is not a luxury - it is an essential. We take into consideration the needs of our learners and adapt accordingly.

With over a 95% success rate in our programmes, you will be able to develop your language learning - no matter your level or learning style. You can go from beginner to advanced in just 300 hours of training.